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Helen Robot Toy

Hi I’m Helen, a robotic toy enthusiast and owner of Robot Toys Advice.

How I got started with robotic toys

Back in June 2018 I had to travel interstate for a course I was studying and friends of mine invited me to stay. They only have a small two bedroom place so their 13 yr old boy James, kindly donated his bedroom to me and slept on the couch.

As a thank you I wanted to buy him a present that would bring him fun and enjoyment but one that was also educational. Not having children of my own I had no idea where to start. Going into toy shops was totally overwhelming as was trying to find something on the internet. There seemed to be hundreds of different options but trying to find one which fitted my needs was quite challenging.

I then discovered the world of robotic toys. This was exactly what I was looking for but again there was so much choice I had no idea what would be right. After what seemed like insurmountable amounts of research I finally choose a robotic toy that I thought James would love but was highly educational. I will never forget watching his excitement as he unwrapped his present!! All my hard work was really appreciated.

The beginning of an idea…

When I arrived back home I decided to set up a website giving high quality, unbiased advice about robotic toys so “Robot Toys Advice” was formed. I didn’t want people to go through what I had in trying to find the ideal gift. I wanted to take the confusion out of the world of robotic toys and focus on reviewing a few of the best, those toys that children would love but offered really constructive educational learning that would foster much needed skills for today’s world. These are the toys that you will mainly find here. In the remote control section I have included a few non educational purely entertainment based robot toys.  They’ve made the list as children absolutely love them and let’s face it all of us need pure entertainment once in a while!

Training and meeting Aime DD

After deciding to set up this website I have embarked on an intensive journey learning as much as I can about the world of robotic toys. Funnily enough when I decided to start, a robotics convention came to town so I ended up enrolling on as many workshops and courses as I could. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop by Aime DD. With her help I made my first robot! This was not using any of the kits you see here but involved soldering micro processors, resistors, connecting servo motors and downloading code she had written! I really surprised myself and was very excited about what I had created. Since then I continue to learn and try as many robotic toys as I can.

The vision

It is my eventual goal to grow this website not just as an educational hub but also as a community. A place where children (and adults!) can share ideas, what they’ve created, get questions answered and find competitions or events to enter.

I hope this website helps you to find what you need and that you get to experience the same joy and see the benefits in your efforts as I did with James.

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