Best Remote Control Robots

Reviews on the best remote control robot toys. These include both educational and entertainment value toys and can be either prebuilt or kit build robots.

Programmable Robots

Reviews on the best educational programmable robot toys. These robots teach you how to code and our list includes both kit builds and prebuilt robot toys.

Robot Kits

Reviews on the best educational robot toy kits. These kits teach engineering principles and our list includes both programmable and remote controlled.

Robot Toys

What we do at Robot Toys Advice

Our goal is to provide good quality helpful advice and reviews on robotic toys. The robot toy market is rapidly expanding and it’s sometimes overwhelming to know what is the most appropriate and beneficial robotic toy to purchase. We cover:


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Family Robots

Benefits of Robot Toys

Most (but not all) robot toys fall under the acronym STEM. These are toys that have been developed with an educational focus and are used to enhance learning. Significant positive educational outcomes have been shown by children who use STEM toys so much so that many are now used in schools. Benefits include:

  • Developing stem skills

  • Enhancing problem solving and divergent thinking

  • Improving cognitive development and engagement

  • Overcoming challenges and developing patience

  • Encouraging cooperation and teamwork

Stem robots

What is a Robot?

What is a robot? Ask 3 different robotic engineers that question and you will receive 3 different answers. Believe it or not there is no standard definition as to what one is. The general consensus however is “A machine which is programmable by computer to carry out a complex series of actions automatically”. This is the definition used by the International Federation of Robotics and the European Robotics Research Network.

Robots however have different levels of automation. Some can be guided by an external remote control device or the control may be embedded within. This leads some robotic engineers to believe one can only call a machine a robot if it is fully autonomous (able to move around by itself). Others believe remote control or operator assisted robots still qualify to be called robots. This is what we believe at Robot Toys Advice.

When using this definition this also means that many of the toys classed as “Robot Kits” even by the manufacturers are not actually robots. Many of them are STEM building kits which may for example use solar power but since they do not have a processor in them officially cannot be classed as a robot if one is using the above definition. The majority of the general public however use the term robot kits when referring to STEM building kits so we will put them under the category of robot kits even though we do not officially class them as robots!

Types of Robotic Toys

(A simplistic guide)

Types of Robots for Kids
Programmable Robots

I’m so Confused!

What’s the difference between a remote control robot, a programmable robot and an AI robot?

Dash Robot

Remote Control Robots

This is a machine that is guided by either an external remote control device, or some sort of activation eg voice or movement activation to carry out a series of actions. A remote controlled robot is not autonomous (able to move around by itself) since it requires a remote however an autonomous robot can also often be controlled using a remote. Some remote controlled robots are programmable whilst others are not. The robot toys from the television series “Battlebots” are examples of non-programmable remote control robots. Some remote controlled robots are pre-built and others are kit build.

Remote Control Robot Reviews

Programmable Robots

A programmable robot is a machine that you can program yourself by using code to carry out a series of actions.  Some programmable robots are able to move around autonomously (by themselves) once programmed, whilst others require some kind of external device (remote control) or activation to work. An autonomous robot can generally also be controlled using a remote control (obviously not in autonomous mode) but not all remote controlled robots can be autonomous.  A robot that has been pre-programmed by the manufacturer is not a programmable robot.

Programmable Robot Reviews

Robot Kits

These are kits that teach you how to build robots and machines. Due to the generalization of what a robot is (please see above description) we have included STEM building kits under this category even though we do not class them as robots. These kits teach you the mechanics of building. Some have the ability to be solar powered and some have hydraulics. Some robot kits will be programmable eg Lego Mindstorms whilst others can be controlled via remote.

Robot Kit Reviews

A.I. Robots

Artificial Intelligence is the capability of a machine or robot to imitate intelligent human behaviour. So far there has been very few A.I. toys the main one being Anki Cozmo. Cozmo mimics human behaviour by being happy, upset and even throwing tantrums. Since Cozmo is a programmable robot we have a review in the programmable robot section.

Robot Toys and Kids

What to Consider When Choosing Robot Toys for Kids

When purchasing robot toys for kids there are a few things one should consider especially as the outlay can be considerable. These include:


  • While some robot toys are simple and easy enough for very young children, others will be better suited to teenagers. Read our reviews or check the suggested age range on the box.

  • What type of skill do you want to encourage development in? E.g. building & construction, electronics or coding. Some robot toys focus only in certain areas while others cover several skills.

  • Code Language of the robotic and coding ability of the child. Each programmable robotic will be programmed using a certain type of code. As there are many types of code, different robots will use different code. This means that a child who can program one type of toy won’t necessarily be able to program another toy with a different code language. However, all code follows a similar logic.

  • Building capability. Is it prebuilt or will it need to be constructed? If constructed is it only one machine that can be built or can one build several different designs?

  • Is it remote controlled or can it be programmed autonomously? E.g. for robot competitions one needs to be able to develop a robot that can be autonomous.

  • Do you want a robotic toy only for now or one that can grow with the child as their skills develop? E.g. some robots have different apps available for different stages of growth.

  • Is parental help and guidance required?

  • Does the robotic toy require a phone or tablet to use and does the child have access to one? Also and most importantly, is the smart device compatible? Not all smart devices are compatible especially the older ones and this can often cause problems with connection especially with Bluetooth when devices employ different versions. Please check manufacturer requirements.

  • Patience of the child. Some kit builds take a long time to put together and can be frustrating for a child that wants to play.

  • Do you want a robotic toy that is easily portable and is the toy able to be used outside? Does it need to be shockproof and waterproof?

  • Robotic toys can cost anywhere between $25 to $500. It depends on the functionalities and capabilities. Most however are between $150 to $400 for a programmable robotic.

Robotic Toys for Kids

Are Robot Toys Just for Kids?

No, adults, toddlers and pets enjoy them too!